Contact Lens Department

Asset-18 Contact Lens Department

Dr. Sirgany and Dr. Howard are both educated and experienced with the latest technology available in the contact lens industry.  Both doctors are skilled in fitting various types of contacts including single vision lenses, toric/astigmatism lenses, multifocal lenses, gas permeable lenses and scleral lenses.  Whether you are interested in contact lenses for special occasions, sports or every day wear, Dr. Sirgany and Dr. Howard will help you find the best lens to fit you and your lifestyle.

Asset-19 Contact Lens Department

Purchase your contact lenses through Sirgany Eyecare and receive complimentary shipping on all orders.  Annual supply discounts and rebates are also available for many brands.


To maintain and ensure a proper contact lens fit, extra professional time, knowledge, experience and skill are all required.  The proper prescribing, evaluation and fitting of contact lenses is not part of a comprehensive routine eye examination. Because this is not part of a routine eye examination, extra fees do apply.  Many insurances companies do not cover the contact lens fitting and evaluation.


The fee varies based on the type of contact lenses prescribed and the amount of professional time required to finalize the prescription.  This fee includes all follow up visits (within 90 days of the routine eye examination) needed to finalize the contact lens prescription and ensure a healthy fit.  The contact lens industry is constantly updating the technology and introducing new products to the market, which can allow for experienced contact lens wearers to find a lens that is an even better fit than their current lens.  The contact lens evaluation and fitting at Sirgany Eyecare allows for patients to try different brands of lenses during the finalization process to find the perfect fit.


It is essential to remember that contact lenses are medical devices fit by licensed practitioners and contact lens use is not without risk.  Please be advised that contact lenses cannot be prescribed, updated or renewed in New York State without an annual evaluation and fitting.