Eyeglass Lens Options

Asset-9 Eyeglass Lens Options

Anti-Reflective Lenses

Anti-reflective lenses, also referred to as non-glare lenses, are made to eliminate the glare on your lenses and increase the amount of light that gets through to your eyes, which helps you see sharper. Because they reduce reflections and can have a blue-light blocker, anti-reflective lenses are recommended for patients who work on the computer, or under fluorescent lights often. Anti-reflective lenses are also great for driving at night because they help to reduce halos around lights.

Asset-11 Eyeglass Lens Options

Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses, or no-line bifocals or trifocals, are the most natural form of vision correction available.  These multifocal lenses provide a full range of focus and smooth transitions from reading to distance.   The lenses appear the same as single vision lenses; there are no visible lines on the lenses like the ones found on bifocal or trifocal lenses.

Asset-12 Eyeglass Lens Options

Scratch Protection

Scratched lenses become less clear and are more likely to cause eye fatigue, so our opticians and doctors highly recommend scratch protection.  Although no material is completely scratch-proof, there are some treatments that can help lenses resist scratching and last longer.  Some anti-reflective lenses include a layer of scratch protection as well, but for those patients who choose not to add a non-glare option to their lenses, scratch protection treatments are available.