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At Sirgany Eyecare we are aware that high quality healthcare can change lives. Through our commitment to education and personalized eye care we embrace the opportunity to change our patients’ lives each day.

Upon your visit you will soon understand why Sirgany Eyecare continues to grow by providing a Professional, Progressive and Personal medical experience. Your comprehensive eye examination will be conducted in a medical manner, with emphasis on systemic health.


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Liz Wood
I’ve been seeing Dr. Sirgany for many years. I always appreciated the amount of time he took to listen to my concerns, explain everything and how thorough he was. Then I took my toddler to him, based on my pediatricians recommendation, and found he was absolutely fantastic with my busy two-year old. He will be our eye doctor for the foreseeable future!read more
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Bridgette Bush
I've always been impressed with Sirgany, but was blown away at what they've done to assist my college student. She broke her glasses 1 week before leaving for school. They quickly got her another pair before she left. Then, she wanted to get contacts so it was easier to play her sport. They went above and beyond with trying to fit her into their schedule so that she didn't miss any classes or her practices or games. Being out of town, playing a sport and attending classes and she didn't miss anything because they worked with her schedule. It was a give and a take, but they made it work. They continue to show how they care about their patients and very thankful that we have such a wonderful place that we can count on in Cortland.read more
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Susan Tate
I had such a good experience at Sirgany this morning. I was seen almost as soon as I got there, and Doctor Howard was so sweet and explained everything thoroughly. They have a wide selection of frames available and their specialist helped me pick out the best frames for me. I would recommend Sirgany Eyecare to anyone.read more
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Calvin Gordon
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Lauren Elizabeth
Sirgany Eye Care is amazing! My almost 4 year old and I are new patients and we've seen Dr Howard who is absolutely spectacular. She takes the extra time to thoroughly explain and answer all questions. All of the office staff go the extra and were wonderfully sweet and taking the time to come from behind the desk and talk to my daughter.read more
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Kate Elizabeth
I'm so impressed with the service my family receives here.
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Michelle Dilbeck
Excellent service provided. Friendly staff,clean and organized office. I would definitely recommend Sirgany Eye care to my friends and family.read more
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Edward King
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Vinny Teeter
Very knowledgeable staff. Everyone was there to help you. Many great styles of glasses and sunglasses.
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Cindy Davis
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Toni Lee
Love love Sirgany Eyecare! I had an eye related emergency and they saw me on the spot! I wasn't even a patient at the time and they did not make me wait for days for an appointment! Sirgany Cares!read more
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Donielle Maier
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Patty Petrella
Dr. Sirgany and his staff are friendly and knowledgeable. I always feel comfortable there and I know I'm getting excellent care. I highly recommend them!read more
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Patti Malczewski Wojcik
I am a returning patient. Called for my yearly apt & requested a specific type of exam; was assured they could do. At the END of my apt I was told I had to see another eye care specialist to perform test as they cannot. My current glasses (from here) are 17 months old & all all checked (not scratched). I can actually hear my glasses crackling when it's cold outside. I was told they can't do anything about it since they are more than 12 months old. Buyer beware.read more
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Lorraine Burnham
Thank you so much for rescuing me from Cortland Eye Care and making it possible for me to see clearly....
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Janelle Cassel Hart
The staff is absolutely awesome. Both Dr. Sirgany and Dr. Howard are top notch. They take the time to explain everything that is being done and listen to any questions you may have. My family and I are truly impressed with the level of service and professionalism we have received from everyone at Sirgany Eyecare. Thank you!read more
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Heather Orr
Sirgany Eye Care is truly the best - they take their time and are very thorough. Dr. Sirgany and staff are great! Thanks so much!read more
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Heather Tronovitch Jackson
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Jeff Dilworth
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Janice Marris Hopkins
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Youssef El Sirgany
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The doctors and staff at Sirgany Eyecare strive to provide the newest technology and most up to date medical care possible.